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MSFT Startup Stories: Mobile Barter Platform Swaps Things You Don’t Need for Things You Don’t Have

Around 7000 years ago money was invented; some would say that was about the time our problems began.

The global economy now relies on various currencies to represent the value of goods and services. But in some situations, like emerging economies or within smaller communities, money is in short supply and those goods and services themselves can function as currency. Barter systems provide a more direct route for people to get what they need in exchange for something they have in excess or a skill they can provide.

Josh Kline recognized both the continued need for bartering systems and the opportunity to use technology to bring them into the twenty-first century. He created have|need, a service operating on a global scale that overlays broad present-day availability of mobile communications and services onto fundamental principles of a barter economy, enabling need to meet availability efficiently and effectively without money getting in the way...

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