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Are you here to buy nothing?
Then you’re in the right place!

HaveNeed enables you to donate goods to members of your community AND trade for higher value goods and services - all without cash!

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HaveNeed has been developing patented barter technology since 2014, and enables a system that is more sustainable for our planet, strengthens our communities, and allows people to acquire goods and services in a more equitable way.

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Many people are uncomfortable asking for help. By enabling people to trade, HaveNeed creates a more equitable environment. The result is that people are more comfortable receiving because they can also give back.

We also see that there are many items people don’t need anymore but are not willing to give away for free. The ability to trade these items for other goods and services enables many more possible transactions among people who desire to buy nothing but want to exchange more valuable items.

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In light of recent events, you may be looking for an alternative to the Buy Nothing Project. If you are currently an admin of a Buy Nothing group, we would like to chat and offer the following:

  • HaveNeed will create private groups for you

  • You will remain the admin and control the membership of your group

  • HaveNeed will not charge for any donations / gifting within your groups even after we start charging for barter transactions later this year

  • HaveNeed is in the final stage of removing all social logins from our platform (Google, Facebook, and Apple), and we do not sell or share data with any 3rd parties

  • If you would like to set up a private group on HaveNeed, please contact us via the
    Contact Page

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