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Private Barter Groups in HaveNeed:
A Quick Guide

HaveNeed’s private groups allow members to trade and donate goods and services exclusively within the group, separate from the general network.


Creating and Joining: Members can join via an invite code, either during the initial setup:

Invite Code Input Screen_iphone13promaxgraphite_portrait.png

Or later via the Profile Detail screen which is accessible via the hamburger icon at the top left of any screen:

Profile Detail Add Group_r2_iphone13promaxgraphite_portrait.png

Posting Items: Users can post items either to a private group or the general network. Items posted to a private group are only visible and searchable by group members and are matched in Barter Loops only within that group.

03_Post Item to Private Group_r2_iphone13promaxgraphite_portrait.png

Viewing and Filtering: Users can filter the home feed to view items from specific private groups. Barter Loop options will only include items from the private group where the item was posted.

04_Home Feed Filter_r2_iphone13promaxgraphite_portrait.png

For items posted to private groups, Barter Loop options presented in the Haves+Needs (h|n) section of the app include only items from other members of that private group:

05_My Haves_iphone13promaxgraphite_portrait_r2.png

Starting a Group: If you're interested in starting a private group, follow this link to begin the process.

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